The Electric, Water and Sewer departments are responsible for all activities related to providing our citizens with reliable power, clean, safe and reliable water and the treatment of sewer effluent. In addition to working with contractors to locate the water lines and force mains, your employees check all pumping stations daily, make taps and repairs and read meters. Someone is on duty at all times.

The City of Westminster provides public water service to its residents and surrounding areas in the county.  The City draws their water supply from the Chauga River and has an average daily consumption of around 2 million gallons a day.  Trunk lines for the Westminster system run along US 123 and US 76 through town. 

While Westminster provides wastewater collection within the city limits, wastewater treatment is provided by the Oconee Joint Regional Sewer Authority.  Wastewater is treated at the County’s Coneross Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant which was upgraded in 1996 and currently has the capacity to treat 7 million gallons per day.  Westminster is responsible for the maintenance of all water and sewer lines in the city limits. 

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Provide safe, reliable electric, water and sanitary sewer service to our customers at a cost effective rate.