The City of Westminster offers Net Billing to eligible customers who intend to operate Customer-owned Renewable Generation in parallel with City's electric distribution system that is primarily intended to offset all or part of the customer’s electric consumption.

Before beginning net billing, customers must enter into the Tri-Party Net Billing Power Purchase Agreement (TPA) and the City’s Standard Interconnection Agreement  (SIA) for Customer-Owned Renewable Generation. Those interested should submit three undated original signed copies of the TPA and two undated original signed copies of the SIA with all applicable attachments (diagram, equipment data sheets, insurance, etc.). It is recommended to begin installation after agreements are signed by all parties.

"Customer-owned Renewable Generation" or "CRG" means an electric generating system located on a customer’s premises that is primarily intended to offset part or all of the City’s retail customer’s electricity requirements with renewable energy that is generated using one or more of the following fuels or energy sources: hydrogen, biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, waste heat, or hydroelectric power.

Customer Billing and Crediting

CRG shall first be used for the customer’s own load and shall offset customer’s demand for electricity from the City. Excess CRG that is not used for customer’s load shall be delivered to City’s electric distribution system. Customer shall be charged for electricity delivered to customer by the City in accordance with the otherwise applicable retail rate schedule. Excess CRG shall be credited by the City on customer’s monthly electricity consumption bill.

The City offers Net Billing service to CRG customers on a first-come first-served basis until the time that the total rated generating capacity used by eligible customer-owned renewable generators exceeds 2.0% of the City’s aggregate customer peak demand.

CRG systems shall not exceed 20 kW for a residential customer and shall not exceed 100 kW for a non-residential customer.