Since the early 1900's the Westminster Fire Department has been providing fire protection to the businesses and residents of the City of Westminster. In its early years, the fire department was total volunteer. It was not until the 1970's that the fire department had any paid personnel. In 1967 after Oconee County Rural Fire was established, the City volunteers began providing fire protection to a portion of the surrounding unincorporated district of Oconee County.   Over the years, the Westminster Fire Department grew to meet the needs of the community. The small number of 5 calls in 1923 were handled by a completely volunteer department. Now the department with 8 career and 27 volunteers respond to more than 450 calls a year.  The Westminster Fire Department responds 4 fully equipped fire engines, a service truck, a command unit, and a brush unit.

Westminster Fire Department also conducts proactive, aggressive inspections that enforce the fire and life safety codes from City ordinance and State statute. We provide on-going inspections to all businesses in the City and the portion of the unincorporated district protected by the department. The inspections are performed according to current fire and life safety codes.

Westminster Fire Department is also committed to education and the demonstration of fire prevention and safety. There is an on-going commitment to reduce fire related deaths and injuries in the City of Westminster and the surrounding district that the City protects. The department takes advantage of every available opportunity  for fire prevention in the schools, daycare centers, churches, and residences within the district.

If you would like more information or want to become a volunteer fire fighter please call (864) 647-3206.

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Mission Statement

To provide residents and visitors with a prompt response and recovery by a well-trained force to save lives, protect property and improve quality of life by professional fire prevention and suppression and through proactive community programs.

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