Chapter 110 of the City Code of Ordinances requires that all businesses inside the City of Westminster have a city business license.

A simple form is completed on each business and a fee for the issue of the business license is levied.

The City accepts the Standard Business License Application provided by the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC) to ease the application process for our out of town business.

Always contact the Business License Clerk, (864) 647-3200 or email, to confirm the proper rate code for your business to calculate your Business License fee before submitting your application.

Transient Merchants and Peddlers are also require to submit an additional application provided below. Both require at least 60 days for review and approval.

Transient Merchant Application
Peddler's Application

Food and Beverage Reporting Form

Business License fees, unlike property taxes, are not based on an assessment performed by a government agency. Business License fees are assessed against the gross receipts during a calendar year.

Each year, Business License Applications are sent to all licensed businesses. The business owner must file gross receipts figures, take certain deductions allowed and figure the fee owed.


Rate Class


Minimum Fee

All Over $2000

Rate Per Thousand or fraction thereof























Rates vary, contact us for correct rate

Rates are double for businesses without a physical location within the city limits of Westminster.

The following are examples of businesses in each class of business license. This list is not exhaustive:

 Class 1: Caterers, Furniture and Appliance Stores-new, Motels
 Class 2: Car Washes, Feed Store, Florists, Flower Shops
 Class 3: Taxicab Service, Manufacturing, Towing Service
 Class 4: Janitorial Service, Dry Cleaners, Landscaping
 Class 5: Automobile Dead Storage, Courier Service, Refrigerated Warehousing
 Class 6: Day Care Centers, Medical Doctors Office, Optometrists' Office
 Class 7: CPA'S, Mini-Warehouse Rental or Leasing, Veterinary Services
 Class 8: Building Construction, General Construction Contractors, Specialty Construction Contractors, Mobile Home Setup Contractors   

Business licenses expire on April 30.  A 5% penalty accrues as of May 2nd and each successive month thereafter.

Payments can be made by cash, personal check or money order. City Hall is open from 8 a.m.  to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is  at 100 East Windsor Street.

Financial information supplied to the city is confidential according to state law. The city cannot give this information to anyone other than the business owner or his/her authorized agent unless the records are under subpoena by a court.

Common Errors to Avoid

Not signing your return and your check.

Errors in calculations. The figures are checked by the Business License Clerk and a license will not be issued if payment is incorrect.

Please call the Business License Clerk if you need help. A phone call can clear up questions and insure that your report will be processed in a timely manner.


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