City HallThe City of Westminster Administration Department is responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the Municipality. Including:

  • Managing the daily operations of the City.
  • Investigating citizen concerns and recommend changes to City Council.
  • Providing constituent service to address requests made by citizens
  • Preparing the annual budget, submit it to the City Council and responsible for its administration after adoption.
  • Ensuring the equitable, efficient, and effective enforcement of laws and policies approved by City Council throughout the City.
  • Working with City Council to assist with policy development.
  • Recommending new programs for consideration by City Council.

The Administration Department also engages in record keeping and reporting including a state-mandated audited annual financial report and monthly reports on City Operations designed to keep the City Council and Department Heads informed about the City's financial status. The Administration Department additionally develops and publishes the City's budget. Financial management services are provided by the Administration Department to the Utility Department. Administration provides administrative support to City departments in the process of inviting and awarding legally required bids for large City purchases.

The Administration Department is also responsible for the successful administration of various employment-related systems and programs including employee recruitment, employee development, compensation and benefits management, employee relations, and risk management. The Administration Department's activities promote the efficient and effective delivery of quality services to citizens and enhance safety within the community.

The Administration Department is also responsible for collecting all licenses, taxes, and state shared revenue.

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Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of services and the quality of life that the City of Westminster provides to its citizens through proper fiscal and operational administration, promotion of development, and implementation of efficient operations of city departments.