The City of Westminster contracts with the Oconee County Sheriff Office to provide Victim's Advocate Services.

The Constitution of South Carolina, Article 1, Section 24 gives victims of crime specific rights. With these fundamental rights in mind, the program provides comprehensive services to victims and witnesses of crimes with a particular emphasis on serious crimes against persons such as harassment, stalking, assault, criminal domestic violence, and rape. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Be treated with fairness, respect, dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse throughout the criminal and juvenile process, and to be informed of the constitutional rights provided by the statue;
  • Be reasonably informed when the accused or convicted person is arrested, released from custody, or has escaped;
  • Be informed of and present at any criminal proceedings concerning your case where the defendant has the right to be present;
  • Be reasonably informed of and be allowed to submit either a written or oral statement at all hearings affecting bond or jail;
  • Be heard at any proceedings involving a post arrest decision, a pleas, or sentencing;
  • Be reasonably protected from the accused or persons acting on the accused behalf throughout the criminal justice process;
  • Confer with the prosecution, throughout the judicial process once a person is charged and to be informed of the disposition;
  • Have reasonable access after the conclusion of the criminal investigation to all documents related to the crime against the victim before trial;
  • Upon request, obtain a copy of the incident report relating to your case at no cost to you;
  • Be informed of any proceedings when any post-conviction action is being considered, and be present at any post-conviction hearing.
  • Your Responsibilities as a victim
  • Keep agencies apprised of your legal name, current address and phone number.
  • Provide details of financial impact to receive restitution.
  • Notify appropriate authority to desire to attend and/or speak at hearings.
  • If Victim Impact Statement is to be considered, submit it within 180 days of crime.

The program is accessible to the general public through a police officer referral or a self referral by person who has been the victim of a crime which occurred within the city limits of Westminster. The Victim's Advocate works one-on-one with the crime victim and/or family members through each step of the criminal justice system to provide crisis intervention, emotional support, information, and resource referrals.

If you are a victim of a crime and need assistance, information, and/or referral, please do not hesitate to contact the Oconee County Sheriff's Office Victim Services, for assistance:

(864) 718-1049 M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

(864) 638-4247 M-F 8:30 - 5:00  pm


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