1. Learn about City permits and Development incentives. (http://westminstersc.org/code-compliance-and-development )
  2. Make sure the property address is zoned for the type of business you want to open.
  3. For an existing building: Schedule a walk-through meeting with Oconee County Building Codes Division to ensure the building can accommodate your business. Call 864-718-1005.
  4. For constructing a new building: Request a pre-construction meeting with the City and Oconee County Building Codes Division to learn about required permits, utilities, inspections, etc.
  5. Apply for necessary permits in order to begin the necessary work.
  6. As work progresses, call the County for inspections to keep the project on track.
  7. When work is completed, schedule a Code Clearance Inspection with the County. Upon passing the inspection, complete the City’s Code Clearance Form and submit it to the City Hall.
  8. Apply for a City business license. (Rebecca Overton, 864-647-3202)

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