The Westminster Police Department is tracks the crime trends in the City to determine in what actions the department needs to take to make Westminster a safer place to live and work.  Through a few new programs we have put in place, we are hopeful that we will see these crimes continue to trend downward.

Each year, law enforcement agencies are required to report criminal offenses to the FBI within their jurisdiction, according to Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines. Within these there are two sections:

(1) Violent Crime, which consists of Murder, Forcible Rape, Robbery and Aggravated Assault, and

(2) Property Crime, which consists of Burglary, Larceny Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft (FBI list arson but not does include it in the totals for property crime). 

The following information consists of a brief description of current and historic trends and programs and activities undertaken by law enforcement in addressing the problems. Raw data is available at

All projected data is based upon total reported crimes in year for which official numbers are not yet available, however these numbers may vary somewhat from the FBI reports as their criteria for reportable crimes may vary from the City’s. When the FBI releases its latest data this site will be updated to reflect their published data.

The Crime Rate charts will be updated once the state and nation data is made available.


Violent Crime Rate (Per 10,000)

Violent Crime (Actual and Projected

In 2012 the solid orange line represents the reported aggravated assaults which was reported in error. The dotted orange line in 2012 represents the actual numbers.  However the numbers are still higher than the state average in 2012. The reasons for the spike in aggravated assaults appear to be drug and domestic violence related. 

The Westminster Police Department has put in place a Narcotics unit and increased visibility in the community through it's community policing program. There has also been a educational effort on Domestic Violence in our area. All these efforts combined are an attempt to bring our aggravated assaults down. 

Property Crime Rate (Per 10,000)

Property crimes have been fairly consistent since 2007 but were up slightly in 2012 and 2014. Much of the larcenies (the largest component of property crime) appear to be drug related.  Education to help citizens identify habits which make them more likely to be a victim of a larceny is part of our door-to-door efforts because often larcenies will be crimes of opportunity. Also, as stated above through the efforts of our narcotics unit and community policing program we hope to see these crimes continue drop as well.

Property Crimes (Actual and Projected)