Code Compliance and Development Services handles a wide variety of building and property maintenance, land use, zoning, planning and development review functions. Responsibilities include: coordinating the permit and subdivision review process; administering the Code of Ordinances and various adopted plans, providing support to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Tree Board, City Council and various council appointed committees regarding code and development related issues; preparing a variety of plans and analysis tools to assist the City with planning initiatives.

For more detailed information about these boards, please visit the Westminster Boards and Commissions page.

How can I find out what my property is zoned and the permitted uses?

Individuals with questions about a property's zoning should contact the Code Compliance and Development Office at 864-647-3200 X 105 and request the current zoning and/or a copy of the zoning district code.

Where can I find a copy of the zoning ordinance?

The zoning ordinance is found within the City of Westminster Code of Ordinance, Section 150 of which you can view at the Westminster Branch - Oconee County Public Library located at 112 W. North Avenue, Westminster, SC 29693 or click here.

What happens to my property if the zoning classification is changed?

It is important to note that a zoning change cannot be used to take away a property owner's right to continue to use their land or building for any legal, existing use. Therefore, if you operate a retail store and the zoning was changed to residential, you can continue to operate the store until you either voluntarily change or abandon the use. This situation is referred to as a Legally Established Non-Conforming Use.

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Mission Statement

To improve the business development environment and enhance the quality of life for citizens and visitors by minimizing business property maintenance and zoning violations; promoting voluntary compliance; assisting the public navigate through the regulatory process toward a conclusion that meets both their and the City’s needs in a timely manner; and encouraging prompt correction of conditions that distract from planned vibrancy and growth in a consistent, fair, and equitable manner.

Codes and Ordinances

Click here for the Code of Ordinances