Sometimes it is necessary to step back and reflect. In September 2014, the City Council held a Planning Workshop. Workshops are important because it gives the Councilmembers an opportunity to discuss issues informally and to engage in long term goal setting.

The workshop had three components. First, there is a review of current conditions and a SWOT Analysis. This was followed by development of the City's Vision, Mission and Values Statements. These set the expectations for Council and staff as they evaluate priorities.

The third component of the City Council Workshop is the Work Plan.  Based on the above expectations and the SWOT analysis, several projects and initiatives were reviewed and categorized into two groups: 

Short-term- those which will be achieve in the current or following budget years, with deadlines; and, 

Long-term- those which will be achieved in the next ten years, with milestones to be achieved within the first category’s timeline. 

Many short-term goals are associated with multiple long-term goals but are only presented with one for clarity of purpose. This list is not exhaustive and is only meant to represent large policy level events. Operational goals remain at the administrative level.

No formal action is taken and each item must be brought before Council at a Council Meeting for consideration. Depending on the issue, this can, and most time is, done as part of the budget approval process; however some items may be grant funded and would come to Council during the application process. Either way, public hearings are held to receive public comment.

Councilmembers comments are diverse and range from neighborhood preservation to economic development to utility infrastructure management to organizational professionalism.

The results of the retreat are presented to the citizens in a Workshop Report which is formally adopted at a Regular Council Meeting.  You can review this report by clicking on the link on the right.

Vision Statement

Westminster is an attractive historic community that is a thriving, quaint destination which provides opportunity for its citizens and businesses while remaining safe and fiscally sound.

Mission Statement

The City’s mission is to provide reliable, quality services, protect our citizens and property, improve the quality of life and promote development through managed growth.

Values Statement

The purpose of the City is to provide safe, quality services, therefore customer service, and professionalism are the highest priorities. For everyone we meet, we are the City of Westminster. In everything we do, we will look the part, act the part and do our part.